Memory Work

Living Memory

K-8 Memory Work for the Secular Homeschool

Living Memory: K-8 Memory Work for the Secular Homeschool by Andrew Campbell

Looking for the 2008 edition? Please scroll down to read the FAQ!

This handy resource offers memory work for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. The new edition gives you:

  • Accurate, up-to-date information
  • Fully secular content
  • Streamlined history timelines
  • Expanded composition resources
  • Clear organization
  • Clean, easy-to-read design

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101 Poems for
Reading and Recitation

101 Poems for Reading and Recitation

This anthology offers a selection of poems composed in English between the late 16th and early 20th centuries. It includes well-loved chestnuts as well as some works that may be less familiar. The poets hail from nations around the world, including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Jamaica, India, Australia, New Zealand, and what is today Senegal or The Gambia. Use it as the basis of a survey course in English-language poetry; as a resource for copywork, memory work, and recitation; or as a collection to read for pleasure. The selections are appropriate for students in grades 7-12.

Bundle: Living Memory and 101 Poems

Living Memory and 101 Poems

Get both memory work books and save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this edition have the same content as the original 2008 edition?

No. Although the main title is the same, the two editions are substantially different—hence the new subtitle.

The original edition was written for Christian homeschoolers interested in traditional, Latin-centered classical education. 

The current edition is meant for busy secular homeschoolers who want a short-and-sweet guide to memory work for grades K-8.

I already own a previous edition of Living Memory. Should I get the new one?

If you want current history, geography, civics, and science information, plus expanded composition resources, consider getting the new edition.

If you are looking for Latin and Greek selections, folk songs, or Christian material, please be aware that these subjects do not appear in the new edition.

If you’re interested in poetry for middle and high school students, check out 101 Poems for Reading and Recitation. For preschoolers, I recommend an illustrated edition of Mother Goose rhymes, and for primary and elementary students, Favorite Poems of Childhood.

Where can I find a copy of the old edition?

The original edition is permanently out of print, and I do not have any copies available for purchase. (I don’t even own a personal copy.) Check the used market (ThriftBooks, Amazon, etc.), or try curriculum sale-and-swap groups.

Will you be making the old edition available again?

No. The files of the original edition were corrupted beyond repair in a hard drive crash some years ago. Reconstructing the book would mean laying out 450+ pages of text in three languages, or paying someone else to do it for me. The investment of time and/or money is simply too large to make the project feasible.

Can I use charter funds to purchase Living Memory or 101 Poems?

Quidnam Press is registered as a vendor with several California homeschool charters. I am happy to sign up as a vendor with any charters that reimburse families for their curriculum purchases or that make those purchases directly on families’ behalf. Because my curriculum products are only available as digital downloads, I cannot accept purchase orders. Charter representatives can get in touch via the contact page