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    A.J. Campbell

    Welcome to the Secular Inclusive Classical forum! We are a group of current and former homeschoolers, classroom teachers, and tutors who approach classical education from a secular perspective. This forum grew out of the Secular Inclusive Classical Teachers group on Facebook.

    By “classical education,” we mean an educational philosophy rooted in the classical languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Many members incorporate other educational philosophies and teaching methods in their homeschools, including Charlotte Mason, Core Knowledge, and other content-rich, literature-based approaches.

    We are big tent secular group. This forum welcomes people from a wide range of spiritual traditions who are homeschooling secularly, as well as people who are comfortable with using curriculum from religious publishers in a secular way. That said, this is not a place for religious discussions, let alone proselytizing. Although the culture of the group leans liberal/progressive, we discourage political debate.

    We are a LGBTQIA+-friendly and -inclusive community.

    A significant number of our members are educating children with neurological and learning differences, including autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, as well as mental health conditions. Discussion of these issues as they relate to homeschooling is welcome.

    Also, we sometimes swear. 😉

    Because this is a public forum, please use appropriate caution when posting personal information. If you are concerned about privacy, consider choosing a screen name that won’t easily be linked to your real life identity. When mentioning your children/students, feel free to use a pseudonym or just identify them by their age (dd8=dear daughter, age 8). If you are a member of the associated Facebook group, please help your fellow members preserve their privacy by not linking to FB discussions here.

    We ask members use common sense and common courtesy at all times. Personal attacks are grounds for banning. This forum is “call-out”-free zone.

    Curriculum providers, tutors, and others with a professional interest in classical education are welcome, but please do not use the forums solely to promote your business.


    Read! Thanks AJ.

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