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    A.J. Campbell

    New here? Please introduce yourself!


    Hi! I’m Mel. I have three kiddos, ages 12, 9, and 6. We’ve homeschooled from day one and have tried all the things. ATM we’re pretty well settled on Build Your Library for my eldest and Blossom and Root for the younger two. I guess that makes us not really classical. lol. We’re not even doing Latin this year. *dodges tomatoes* We’re involved in music, historical reenactment, and LARPing in the local community. I guess we’re kind of nerdy. Thank you AJ for starting this forum. 🙂

    A.J. Campbell

    I’m your host, AJ. My dd18 is now in college studying graphic design, but I homeschooled her for three stretches during her K-12 years. I’m the author of The Latin-Centered Curriculum (Memoria Press, now OOP) as well as some other classical ed books you can find here at Quidnam Press. I’ve also worked as a classroom teacher and private school admin. In addition to writing, I enjoy learning languages, traveling, singing, and doing fiber crafts. My family and I live in western Massachusetts.


    I’m Phoebe, mother of 10 kids ages 19-1 and we have always homeschooled. I’m very eclectic in my approach but tend to like low-key Charlotte Mason. Several of my kids are autistic or have ADHD. Right now I’m using Bookshark for my 7 year old and Memoria Press First Form Latin as well as MP Fable for my 11, 13 and 15 year olds. We’ve just decided that full-core MP is not for us after using it for the last 3 months and we’ll be back in Bookshark 100 come January for the older trio (keeping composition and Latin.) My 16 year old is autistic and working his way through about four different grade levels depending on subject, and my 5 year old, also autistic, is easing into K level work. The 1, 3, 18 and 19 year olds do as they please.

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    I’m Jen, mom of 5 kids ages 14-28 (yikes!), and I’ve been homeschooling since 2001. My oldest four are all graduated out of homeschool and mostly out of the house. The oldest three boys are 24,26,28. I have a nearly 21-year-old daughter away at University studying Studio Photography and a 14-year-old son still homeschooling. I use a mix of materials, and I’ve tried just about every program out there at one time or another. This year we’re using a little Memoria Press, Level 8 of Build Your Library, Saxon for Math, and WTM LA. I try to keep things as secular as possible, but I’m not afraid to adopt a religious program that works for us either.



    I have always homeschooled my DS9 (nearly 10!), and we love it.

    We’re fairly solidly in the classical camp, I think, but I’ve selected our resources from a very wide range of curriculum providers.

    We are currently experimenting with transitioning DS to some more independent work, which will really take a load off me as I prepare to resume my own studies, beginning December.


    I’m Jess, mom to DD5 and DD2. We are homeschooling k this year after playing our way through prek. We keep things light but find plenty of opportunities to learn.


    Hi, I’m Amy from the FB group (my username was my nickname in high school Latin). I am mom to DD6A and DD6B (twins). We have homeschooled from the start and are in their first grade year. We started Song School Latin 1 just recently and it’s the favorite part of our schooling. 🙂 I majored in Classics for my undergrad.

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    Hello! I’m Nadine – I live in northern Ontario and homeschool my DS13 (almost 14) and DD11. We’re in our 7th school year now, and my oldest is starting to contemplate whether he will homeschool for high school or if he’d like to try public school. We are a bit eclectic, we homeschooled in a very CM-heavy approach for a while and then as they’ve gotten older we have found ourselves really leaning more classical. I’ll probably always homeschool with a bit of both approaches. Glad to be here!


    Hello! I am Kristen and live with my husband and 4 children in Maine. The kids are 15, 13, 10, and 8. We have used bits of Memoria Press curriculum over the years. My girls (the teens) are using just a little bit of MP this year. My oldest is on the autism spectrum and we are constantly trying new things with her. Right now, she’s using Build Your Library along with First Form Greek. My 13 yr old is using Moving Beyond the Page for the first time plus finishing up First Form Latin Review. My boys are doing MP Cores.

    While I love the classical homeschooling material and approach, this is only a piece of our lives. I put a high value on being in nature and having a good amount of free time. The kids also get plenty of screen time and we don’t feel too bad about it. Nice to see this new forum! With more groups moving off of Facebook, I hope I can remember to check in here from time to time.


    Hi I’m Paula. I have one son who just turned 22. He was homeschooled from first grade through high school graduation. He’s now a senior in college studying math. We homeschooled in an eclectic, quasi-classical manner with a lot of Socratic dialogue in my methods.

    Homeschooling helped me in many ways, as I started college when ds was in high school. I’m now in graduate school studying Medieval English history. I’ll finish my master’s this spring and am in conversations with my department about doing my PhD there. *insert panic mode* I use Latin in my research and just started learning Old Norse with a friend.

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