Homeschool Coaching

Are you looking for help with giving your child a secular classical education at home? Overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices? Searching for secular and inclusive products? Unsure about implementing your language arts program? Worried about teaching Latin when you don’t know the language yourself? Confused by popular approaches to writing instruction that seem to contradict each other?

Let me help you. I’ve been involved in classical education for almost 20 years in multiple roles: homeschooler, classroom teacher, tutor, private school administrator, author, and curriculum provider. I’ve worked with children with a variety of learning differences and special needs, such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD, and social anxiety. I also have experience teaching academically gifted and 2e (twice-exceptional) students. My areas of interest and  expertise include classical and modern languages, literature, expository writing, Trivium Studies (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), and memory work. You can learn more about my teaching and homeschooling background here.

I offer single coaching sessions as well as ongoing support to help you choose and implement curriculum, plan and schedule, develop lessons, and evaluate student work. 

Want to chat? Grab a cup of coffee and reach out.